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Hill Foley Rossi & Associates is a team of architects and engineers who approach each project with the same goal:  listening to customer needs, and performing meticulous work underpinned by a “get it done” mentality.   It’s that kind of client commitment and design diligence that has allowed us to expand and grow into one of the most respected—and trusted—architectural and engineering firms in the Southeast.

Time-Honored Design. Compassionate Delivery.

At HFR, we’ve never diverged from our singular focus—marrying time-honored design principles with compassionate customer care to bring a level of comfort and trust to every project we do.  In fact, our firm’s principals are involved in all our projects, regardless of size.  Our clients see first-hand the passion for architectural integrity that motivates us, and the compassion for clients’ needs that is fundamental to all of our relationships. And those same clients keep coming back or referring us, again and again.

Elevated in Expectation. Grounded in Tradition.

Since our founding in 1999, we have delivered consistent, quality service for clients ranging from financial institutions to big-name retailers.  During the growth of our firm, we have stayed true to our roots while expanding our project scope.  Our talented group offers decades of combined experience, and brings a sense of pride to every HFR endeavor—from our first project in Olde Town Village in Buford, Georgia; to the many banks, recreational facilities, office parks and retail buildings across the Southeast and beyond; to one of our signature efforts: the multi-million dollar government building for City of Duluth, steeped in community and classic design.

Our Services

Imagine seeing the vision of your building or facility on paper, hand-drawn in meticulous detail, brought to life in a way that computer rendering can’t quite match.  Now imagine combining that artisan perspective with the latest in technology to create design schematics that are approachable and familiar—helping you to clearly visualize the design intent.  Early in the planning process, we provide you with an artistic, hand-drawn rendering, so you can feel connected to the overall design.  It’s a process that enhances perspective and takes us back to the traditional fundamentals of design—a process you won’t find at other firms.

Architects + Engineers = Collaboration

Using a collaborative approach that’s unique in our industry, HFR has architects, civil engineers, and structural engineers—all right in-house.  These team members work side by side every day to ensure the quality and feasibility of every design.  This combination of architectural vision, structural integrity, and environmental consideration ensures a smooth transition through each phase of a project.  To further complement our collaborative capabilities, we have a close working relationship with key consultants in disciplines ranging from mechanical and electrical engineering, to plumbing and landscape design.

Comprehensive Services, Diverse Markets

Our full-service team and “get it done” mentality is dedicated to meeting all of your project needs to come in on time and on budget. We serve a diverse range of markets, from commercial (office and retail) and recreational, to religious and government; and we hold registrations in over half of the United States.  Our dedication to the success of each project makes working with us a positive—and quite frankly, easy—experience.  Our comprehensive services include: 

Concept Development

Capital Funding


Virtual Reality


Video Animation



Space Planning

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Tenant Lease/Tenant Improvement Design

Feasibility Studies

Rendering/Fund Raising Graphics

Existing Conditions and Accessibility Survey

Bidding/Negotiation Contract Awards

Project Permitting

Construction Administration

Project Management

Environmental Graphics/Wayfinding

Civil Engineering

Site and Master Planning

Hydrology Design

Grading, Drainage and Earthwork

Water and Sewer Design

NPDES/SWPPP Erosion Control Design

Civil Engineering Consulting Services

Construction Administration

Structural Engineering

New & Remodel Structural Design

Structural Design using Structural Steel, Cold Formed Steel, Wood, Masonry, & Concrete

Foundation Design for Conventional & Deep Foundations

Pre-Engineered Building Foundation

Retaining Walls

Special Inspections Documents

Structural Site Observation

Currently Licensed In

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