DFCS Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – Cherokee County, GA

May 2022 – Last month, HFR was represented at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Georgia Human Services Building in Cherokee County by Scott Magar and Andy Duckett.

In February of 2020, HFR completed our work on the Cherokee County DFCS project, completing, yet another, project partnered with Municipal Development Services (MDS).  The purpose of the project was to create additional space for training staff and more importantly, provide the essential space needed for training and assisting community families with important life skills such as job placement, refugee settlement, finding available aid, and food insecurity.

The building allows both the DFCS and DCSS departments to be housed in a single location, making it more convenient to users and allowing for increased staffing.  The building is situated adjacent to other county administration services offered to county residence and is planned for a future additional 30% building expansion area for county growth in the coming years.  During the design phase of the project, we were able to provide a balanced site while addressing complicated existing grades and providing a landscape plan that was sensitive to green spaces and tree plantings during land development phases.  This was in an effort to provide environmental benefits such as filtering pollutants, providing shade, controlling storm-water runoff, soil erosion, etc.

HFR was proud to be a part of such an essential community service and we hope the DFCS and DCSS staff enjoy their new work space!