Patrick R. Foley


As one of the founding Partners of HFR, Pat Foley has served as Principal Structural Engineer of Record, Project Manager and Project Engineer on projects ranging from retail shopping centers, office buildings and schools to banks, libraries and manufacturing facilities. His structural design experience covers concrete, wood, steel and masonry construction designs. As a bold and tactful leader of the building design team, he offers creative structural design solutions for a variety of projects. Pat’s collaborative efforts during the schematic design and construction document phases along with consultant and construction coordination have enabled his team of engineers to produce projects at a high level of excellence. Pat immerses himself in the early stages of design development and structural layout in order to create the most efficient structure possible. He enjoys reviewing projects in their entirety for quality assurance to certify proper coordination. Pat makes time to teach younger engineers how to smoothly develop plans and to do so with integrity. At HFR, he hosts in-house seminars for architects and engineers that go through the structural process and explain the meaning of drawings. Pat believes molding the minds of the younger generation is key in keeping the fundamentals of structural engineering alive and relevant in the ever changing industry.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech, 1979


Professional Engineer in Georgia + 15 States